By engaging in the national examinations system, individual teachers can benefit both professionally and financially.

Professional benefits:

  • Develop the quality of your teaching
  • Enhance your understanding of assessment practice
  • Learn about the marking process
  • Exercise your professional judgement
  • Network with fellow professionals
  • Opportunities for promotion to more senior examiner roles
  • Increase your career opportunities and enhance your CV
  • New/revised subjects at both Leaving Certificate and Junior Cycle – A fantastic opportunity for teachers to be involved and gain insight into the marking of these examinations for the first time.

All suitably qualified teachers are welcome to apply for these positions. Examiners will be selected on the basis of their teaching and assessment experience and qualifications. Full training is provided and a supported network is available throughout the marking process.

Applicants for the position must:

  • Hold a third level degree or equivalent
  • Have recent teaching experience in the relevant subject area or related subject
  • Have good organisation and analytical skills
  • Be able to work to a fixed time-scale
  • Be available to work full-time for the duration of the marking
  • Be resident in the Republic of Ireland during the marking period.

In the case of the Leaving Certificate, with the addition of the 2023 incentive payment, examiners will typically earn between €7,721.00 and €10,844.00 depending on the subject marked.

In the case of the Junior Cycle, with the addition of the 2023 incentive payment, examiners will typically earn between €4,858.00 and €5,010.00 depending on the subject marked.

In summary examiners will earn:

  • Marking conference fee of €235.28 (if applicable) 
  • Administration fee of €235.28 
  • The revised arrangements fee of €235.28 in the case of digital marking conference
  • Subject specific script fees
  • Higher script rates for additional marked scripts above the subject specific threshold.
  • The above rates include 5.07% under the Building Momentum agreement
  • An additional €6 for each script satisfactorily marked at Leaving Certificate
  • An additional €3 for each script satisfactorily marked at Junior Cycle
  • On a once off basis for 2023, the Recruitment and Retention Incentive Payment of  €900 for Leaving Certificate examiners and €700 for Junior Cycle examiners.

Further details will be given to you when you are appointed.