Online Marking Training

Online Marking Training


Welcome to the Online Marking training page. Here you will find various supports to help you with the online marking system. The following short video gives an overview of a typical online marking process and environment.


In advance of the conference, you will receive an activation email from RM. Once you have activated your online marking account, you will be able to log into the Familiarisation mode in the online marking system, at See page two of the Getting started booklet for reference.

Before contacting the Online Marking Section, it is advisable that you first consult the FAQs. If, after consulting the FAQs, your issue can not be resolved, please go to Contacting the Online Marking section below. In addition to raising the normal exceptions through RM Assessor, you can contact the Online Marking Section to resolve the following types of issues:

  • Logging in and access issues.

  • Candidate number not matching, examples:
    • in the worklist in Assessor and on the script
    • on the written paper and the aural paper in French, German and Spanish
    • on the written paper and any supplementary paper

  • *Losing marks, not being able to save marks, etc.

  • *Problem with the system jumping back to previous questions.

  • *Queries/requests by the advising team or senior examining team regarding deallocation of scripts or marks.

When contacting the Online Marking Section:

  • If you are emailing screenshots containing any identifiable information (for example, examination number, response ID, names), you will need to send it in an encrypted format. Please use the encrypted Word document supplied for this purpose. Please do not change the password on the document, as this will mean that the Online Marking Section will be unable to open it.

  • Please include in the Word document the time and date that the issue occurred, and advise what browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, etc.) you are working in.

SEC staff are available to assist examiners throughout the marking to provide technical support for Examiners using the online marking system. The SEC can be contacted by email or phone:

During the month of July, additional support hours at the weekends are as follows:

Saturday 8:00am – 2:00pm
Sunday 8:00am – 1:00pm


Training Videos

You can view the training videos below. You can find the videos that will be relevant to you listed under the subject that you are marking.

Senior Examining Team only


1 Videos

Training Guides

You can download the ‘Getting Started’ Booklet for you subject below. These booklets will be printed and posted out to you in advance of the conference.

Leaving Certificate Geography, Classical Studies, German, Agricultural Science, Business, Economics, Technology, Home Economics, Physical Education and LCVP Link Modules; and for Examiners in Junior Cycle History, Geography, German, Engineering, Business Studies, Home Economics, Science, Applied Technology, and Wood Technology.Getting started
This version is for Examiners in Leaving Certificate Biology, French, Mathematics, Gaeilge, Spanish, Music, Politics and Society, Applied Mathematics and Art – Visual Studies; and for Examiners in Junior Cycle English, Gaeilge T1 and T2, Maths, French, Spanish, Music and Religious Education.Getting started
This version is for Examiners in Leaving Certificate Chemistry, History, Physics, and Accounting.Getting started
This version is for Examiners in Leaving Certificate English, Engineering and Religious Education.Getting started

There is also a ‘Team Management’ Booklet for the Senior Examining Team below.

Senior Examining TeamTeam Management